CM latest new product: 165 FLAP PFR Patented Tipper

9 October 2012

The new patented tipper 165 FLAP PFR model is the greatest achievement in tippers on the market for medium and lightweight operations. The tipper is designed with an eye on facilitating work and the maintenance of components and is capable, with a single lever and forks regulated to widths from 570 to 900 mm, to move and tip bins of various sizes up to a maximum weight of 1200 kg. The tipper’s strong point is undoubtedly the innovative and patented locking and tipping system for the feet and free upper opening enabling easy unloading of any product. Retractable flaps make it possible to transport several crates at the same time while the assembly system and quick start-up facilitate the speed of mounting the tipper on various types of forklifts.


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