2013: Year of innovation and research

22 January 2013

The CM leadership gained in the field of forklifts has deep roots in research and technological innovation. Market share, credibility and international markets cannot be conquered if there is no investment in such an important sector. CM in recent years has faced a number of competitive challenges and the growing domestic and international competition. Challenges that, due to the ability of this company, hare successfully met, focusing on innovation and quality of products and the exploitation of intellectual property. All new products, new methods for manufacturing, patents, changes to existing products are strongly influenced by CM’s investment in the study of new technologies applied to lifting, handling and overturning. But this is not enough. The technological innovation of CM goes hand in hand with a transformation and optimization of the internal organization, with new management techniques, new forms of work organization, changes in relationships with other firms or public institutions, in increasing vocational training. A new and more effective presence of the sales network in Italy, and a careful evaluation of the international markets with a proactive approach segmented for each quotation led CM to a gradual change of the techniques of marketing and distribution of products. CM, therefore, gets ready to face 2013 with growth targets extremely outlined and a renewed commitment to its customers.

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