40 years

29 January 2014


“Dove tuona un fatto, siatene certi, ha lampeggiato un’idea” (Ippolito Nievo)
“Where a fact thunders out, you can be certain an idea has flashed”.

Everything arises from a small thought, a small gesture, a small idea.
But the power of an idea, even if it’s winning and magnificent, is nothing at all if it is not accompanied by a decision.
The decision to act, to set the idea in motion. This is how CM was founded.
Forty years have gone by and today CM is the leading manufacturer of forklifts, tippers and accessories and equipment for forklifts, including hydraulic and mechanical tippers, and hydraulic tippers and tipper bins.
The entire range of products is endowed with innovation and versatility while maintaining an excellent quality/price ratio, features which enabled CM to conquer foreign markets in nineteen European countries and twelve more around the world. Thus research and technology coupled with the understanding of craftsmanship – the basis of the CM philosophy: “We believe in innovation beginning with tradition, always looking to anticipate the demands of markets in ongoing evolution.”
These forty years mark an important stage for the company. Forty years, the age of full maturity. The commitment is continuing for optimizing CM’s capability and investments on the most advanced frontiers of research, in service and incessant innovation. CM, with the awareness of remaining always in the avant-garde.

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