CM Innovation: Quadruplex Forklift – Tipper without arm

30 January 2014

Quadruplex Forklift CM 20 QH 3600

The CM 20 QH 3600 forklift has been designed and developed by CM in a four mast version with new crossheads which, with timely modifications, now ensure better visibility over the work area at maximum height, to result in speeding up relocation operations and greater safety for operators and workers, and a much reduced vertical profile. This new profile, however, was achieved with no compromise of the operational capabilities of this new model which can be mounted on a three-point hitch and guarantee a load capacity of 2000 kilograms. To keep the cost of operation down, the direction taken was the installation of two double effect lateral lift cylinders connected directly to the tractor cylinder which, on the one hand, draws in unused oil and, on the other, returns this oil to the lubrication plant to allow the lift to continue operations at full load while hydraulic power consumption remains in balance to provide the strong advantage of lowering fuel consumption. The excellent performance turned in by the CM 20 QH 3600 is the result of the construction solutions aimed at increasing the robustness and reliability of the machine. These include equipping the forklift with sealed roller bearings and the use of a system for shifting which runs on bronze pads to ensure greater resistance to wear during the most demanding operations.

Tipper without arm CM 165 FLAP PFR

The CM 165 FLAP PFR is the premier tipper on the market for medium and lightweight operations, capable of tipping containers of various sizes up to a maximum weight of 1200 kg. thanks to forks regulated to widths from 570 to 900 mm, all with a simple click. One of the tipper’s outstanding features is undoubtedly the innovative and patented locking and tipping system for the feet and free upper opening enabling easy tipping of any product handled. A combination of valves makes it possible to lock and tip containers by operating a single lever on the carriage as well as to raise the pressure level during relocation to extend battery life and reduce stress on the lift carriage hydraulic plant. Dedicated valves located inside the rotation cylinder create a slowdown effect which automatically prevents an abrupt stop at the end of rotation. Container lock flaps retractable on contact make it possible to transport several crates at the same time. Moreover, for the 2014 model, a supplementary valve was added to allow the flaps to return inside the forks with no need to wait for the central support to be fully lifted, a feature which speeds up the work of exchanging one container for another. An innovative system for regulating the rack and pinion reduces maintenance. An adjustable assembly facilitates speedy mounting of the machine on the most varied types of forklifts and the tipper is also equipped with quick coupling connection tubes. In the design of the 165 FLAP PFR special attention was focused as well on facilitating maintenance operations any replacement of the machine’s components which might be required.


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