company-cmCM, 40 years of history

Romagna, 1974. A group of farsighted businessmen decide to pool their skills and professional experiences to put them at the service of technical innovation to improve the quality of work in the agricultural sector and especially the transport of these products. Thus the creation of CM, the manufacturer of hydraulic forklifts, initially designed for farm tractors. In the 1980’s however, the experience gained, the confidence awarded by the market and the drive for innovation led the company to the expansion of business in the direction of the industrial sector.

CM today is a supplier of a vast range of forklifts, tippers and buckets, accessories and interchangeable equipment for farm tractors and lift trucks, some designed and built according to the needs and technical specifications of individual customers. This flexibility is, in fact, one of the strong points of the manufacturer capable of listening to, and endorsing, purchasers’ requests to come up with the most suitable solutions and offer them personalized service and products while maintaining an excellent quality-price ratio.


Reconciling craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology for building efficient and high-quality products (excellence!). All the technology which guides the design and construction of products arises out of research and innovation, indispensable instruments for competing in an increasingly competitive market. Year after year in fact, CM is steadily focused on improving and consolidating the company’s image as a manufacturer and work partner, generating and strengthening the perception of great reliability for the customer.

CM values

The finest materials, the most technologically advanced production systems and the care taken in the assembly of components guarantee products of total quality. A complete range of hydraulic lifts and interchangeable equipment plus a national and international distribution system at the grass-roots and complete and efficient pre and post-sales service ensure for customers that they are flanked by a secure and reliable partner.