CM 180/15 PF

Applicable to forklift trucks , ideal for turning upside down and moving bins with crossbars

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Tipper for bins applicable to forklift trucks

  • Maximum load during tilting 700 kg
  • Maximum load during transfer 1500 kg

Tipper for bins as standard equipped with

  • Quick hooking/unhooking
  • Connection tubes

Ideal for turning upside down and moving bins with crossbars.

Model 180/15 PF
B  Length mm 1000
C  Height mm 560
H  Barycenter without load mm 100
I  Spessore mm 160
 α  Thickness  ° 180
Q  Maximum load (during transfer) Kg 1500
 Operating capacity (during tilting) Kg 700
 Operating pressure bar 140
 Weight Kg 154
 Required hydraulic lines n. 2 (1 d.c. lever)
 Fixed forks  –
 FEM forks  – Opzional


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