CM – What we do

CM offers a wide range of forklifts, tippers and buckets, accessories and interchangeable equipment for farm tractors and lift trucks, some designed and built according to the needs and technical specifications of customers. Flexibility, one of the strong points of the company capable of listening and endorsing purchasers’ requests to come up with the most suitable solutions.


The most complete range for all kind of tractors
Hydraulic forklifts offer uncompromising performances and quality: they combine high loading capacities with the lightness required to work optimally. Built with high quality materials, they are strong and reliable machines to meet the needs of farmers and to get maximum benefits at least costs. Available in different configurations.


Handling solutions for vegetables
Applicable to all types of forklift trucks and operating machines, simplify handling, storage and tipping of boxes of any dimensions.
Designed with patented technological solutions, they can lock and overturning boxes by only one control, minimizing work time. Available also in the stainless steel version for the food industries.


Versatility and ease of use without equal
Designed around forklift trucks to assure maximum versatility, they are able to cope easily the most arduous tasks of handling materials. Ease of use and low maintenance requirements allow their use for any type of operator. Available in hydraulic, mechanical and forkable versions for handling of loose products (sand, gravel, snow, cereal, olives……)