Hydraulic forklifts

Hydraulic forklifts for the lift of bin boxes containing vegetables and fruit and for pallets handling: performance and quality without compromise.

  • They combine high load capacity with the necessary lightness to work in the best way
  • Made with high quality level materials: hot rolled steel profiles, high resistance bearings, certificated lift chains
  • Strong and reliable machines to satisfy even the most demanding farmer, by offering the best product at the lower cost

The CM hydraulic forklifts are available in different configurations: thanks to a wide range of accessories, they satisfy all needs of use and make easy every kind of work


Load capacities from 500 kg to 3000 kg
Lift heights from 1600 mm to 4000 mm


Load capacities from 900 kg to 3000 kg
Lift heights from 2500 mm to6000 mm


Load capacities from 1600 kg to 2000 kg
Lift heights from 2500 mm to 6000 mm


Wide range of accessories for all forklifts models