Applicable to all forklift truck to overturn and handle drums of different diameter and type.

Hydraulic drum rotator CM 165 GF complete with:

  • Sequence valve to block and overturn with a single control
  • Quick hooking/unhooking
  • Connection hoses

Suitable in the chemical, food or heavy industry to overturn and move drums of different diameters and types.

Model CM 165 GF
A Length mm 730
B Width mm 950
C Height mm 750
D Drum diameter mm 380¸600
E Maximum opening mm 740
H Barycentre without load mm 160
G Barycentre of the load mm 600
α Overturning angle ° 165
 – Maximum capacity (moving) kg 300
 – Operating capacity (overturning) kg 300
bar 160
 – Weight kg 240
 – Required hydraulic functions n. 1

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