Hydraulic tipper CM 165 FLAP INOX

Hydraulic tipper CM 165 FLAP INOX

Hydraulic tipper for bins and containers applicable to all forklift trucks

  • Overturning capacity 750 kg
  • Load capacity 1500 kg

Innovative patented locking system

Made of stainless steel, easy to sterilize and highly resistant to corrosion: it is suggested for the food, fish and slaughtering sectors.

Hydraulic tipper CM 165 FLAP INOX complete with

  • Sequence valve to block and overturn with a single control
  • Quick hooking/unhooking
  • Connection hoses

Optional Accessories

Model 165 FLAP INOX
A Length mm 1420
B Width mm 930
C Height mm 750
D Fork base mm 670
E Height of containers mm 1050÷1465
H Barycentre without load Mm 240
G Load centre Mm 500
I Thickness mm 335
α Overturning angle ° 165
Q Load capacity Kg 1500
Overturning capacity Kg 750
Operating pressure Bar 140
Weight Kg 320
Required hydraulic lines n. 2 (1 leva d.e.)
Fixed forks 130×60 L=1080

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