About us

We apply our imagination to develop models aimed to protect your product, whatever it is. By cooperating with you, we conceive innovative work tools enabling you to make real your company’s vision.

The fact

CM is a leading handling company, which has its roots in a culture based on the manufacturing of products of excellence.
CM history is made of innovation and people and thanks to this perfect symbiosis since 1974, year of its foundation, CM has been developing over time and that by keeping pace with the change in technology steadily.

The awareness of soundness

A deep analysis of the main characteristics of the requested applications in the field of handling, together with the need of work time reduction and ease of use, enabled the realization of a wide range of products, all of them with a high degree of specialization. All that together with the CM availability to invest in the more advanced frontiers of research at the service of a constant versatility enabled to earn the credibility and new market shares over time, by facing and getting through competitive challenges at the international level.

The changing circumstances

CM offers a wide range of hydraulic forklifts, bin box tippers and buckets: interchangeable accessories and attachments intended for agricultural tractors and forklift trucks, designed and manufactured even according to the needs and technical specifications required by the single customer.
The company can offer the most suitable solutions, by offering services and customized products and that by keeping a very good quality-price ratio.

The products, a sound basis

The use of steels and high quality level components, the patents and the continuous updating of the already existing products, the application of new production methods that maximize trials and tests, from the design to the final test, till the post-sale assistance: research and innovation, quality control all along the production process.

Hydraulic forklifts for all type of tractor. They offer performance and quality without compromise: they combine high load capacity with the necessary lightness to work in the best way. Made with high quality materials, they are strong and reliable to fully meet the needs of the operators.

Hydraulic bin box tippers applicable to all type of forklift trucks and public works vehicles, they simplify the handling, the storage and the turning of bin boxes of any size. Designed with patented technical solutions, they enable to block and turn the bin box by way of a single control, minimizing the work time.
Buckets designed for the forklift trucks to grant the max versatility, they enable to face the most difficult handling activities easily. The ease of use as well as the low request of maintenance enable their use to any operator, in the hydraulic, mechanical and forkable versions.
Special forklifts: in a perspective of continuous development, the CM has been involved in the design and production of projects made according to the customer specifications and/or need of the customer (for instance logistic solutions for the warehousing). The great experience and the high level of craftmanship enabled the manufacture of full customized products suitable to the technological and production needs of its own customers.